Our Story

Jeff and Jamie

Dominick Calacino and his family saw a vision in the early 1930’s. They purchased the property located in Calloway Heights for $15,500 and built the building where Calacino’s currently stands. In 1934, Beckley’s first pizzeria was opened and Calacino’s soon became one of the top hangouts for high school and college students where they socialized over pizza and danced to jukebox music. 

For generations, Dominick served his homemade pizza pie to hundreds of young and old people alike. “Youngsters” enjoyed coming to Calacino’s not only for the best pizza in town, but also to listen to stories of times past. On the backside of a decades-old postcard featuring the Calacino’s building, it says, “There are more marriages made at Calacino’s than in Heaven.” The tradition that started in 1934 by the Calacino’s was one that Dominick refined to perfection over the years of service to his Beckley patrons.   

Calacino’s remained open until Dominick passed away in January 2000. In 2009, Jerry and Kathy Zaferatos reopened Calacino’s to carry on the tradition Dominick started in 1934. In November 2015 Jerry and Kathy passed on the tradition to Leonard and Tyson Urtso.  In December 2016 the tradition was passed to current owners Jeff and Jamie Weeks.  As owners we would like to thank you for choosing Calacino's and becoming part of the tradition.